RV Gear

All the essentials you need to hit the road.

We personally use everything in this guide, and it's all stood up across more than 30 states and 30,000 miles. The buy buttons link to Amazon, but they are not affiliate links (we don't profit from your purchase). 

Power Extension Cords, Adaptors & Surge Protection

Your RV hopefully came with a 30amp or 50amp power cord, if it didn't, grab one of those stat. These extras will make sure you're hooked up wherever you go. 

RV Gear • Busy Campers

30 or 50 Amp Extension Cord

Some campgrounds put their hookups in interesting places, juuuuuust out of reach. Having an extra 25 feet of cord comes in handy. 


30 or 50 Amp Surge Protector

Power supply can spike and sag, both of which can damage your system. A basic surge protector is a smart investment. 


Power Adaptors

When the only available outlet doesn't match your plug. If you have a 30amp RV get these both.

If you have a 50amp RV get:
30 to 50amp
15 to 50amp

Drinking Water

You'll want hoses and equipment just for your water supply. Even if you don't plan on drinking water straight from the RV tap, it's smart to get lead free, drinking safe hoses so you can shower and wash dishes with clean water.

Water Hose

Get two so you have a backup in case yours springs a leak or breaks, and because you will occasionally need to double up to reach awkwardly placed water hookups. 

External Water Filter

Campground water can be funky. This filter attaches easily to your drinking water hose to reduce mineral content and eliminate odors and bad tastes. 

Water Pressure Regulator

Your RV's system is built to handle water at a certain pressure. Go way over it, and you could bust a pipe ($$$). A pressure regulator is a cheap way to prevent this. 

Sewer Hoses & Tank Cleaners 

It's no one's favorite part of RV'ing, but having everything you need to dump your grey and black tanks and keep them fresh will make the task a little more pleasant. 

15' Sewer Hose Kit

This kit has everything you need to connect from your rig to a sewer hookup or dump station. 

10' Sewer Extension

For times when your sewer hose isn't long enough to reach the hookup. (Trust us, carrying an extension is a lot easier than looking for a different dump station.)

Sewer Hose Stand

Useful for full hookups spots, and when you need to create some slope for hoses to empty properly. 

Black Tank Enzymes

Drop one in your toilet along with 3-5 gallons of water after emptying your black tank. It helps break up waste and prevent odors.

Grey Tank Deodorizer

Surprisingly, grey tanks, which hold your dish and shower water, often smell worse than black tanks if left to their own devices.


Septic Safe Toilet Paper

We're not suggesting you order your TP online, but you do not need any special "RV" or "Marine" versions, which cost more. Regular old Scott 1-ply is fine for your black tank. 

Flushing Hose

You don't want to use your drinking water hose to flush your black tank for obvious reasons. We keep a different colored hose in our truck bed exclusively for flushing. We like blue for water and green for cleaning for easy color coding. 

Disposable Gloves

Keep a box in your car to keep hands clean at the dump station. 


Hand Sanitizer

A lot of dump stations aren't near a bathroom where you can wash your hands, keeping a small bottle of hand sanitizer in the glove box is a must, and you can pick one up at a most pharmacies.  

Leveling, Stabilizing & All Things Tire

Wherever you plan on camping, you'll want at least a basic set of tire chocks to keep your trailer from rolling away. If you plan to boondock, visit State Parks or National Forests, you'll wind up encountering some beautiful, but slanty sites, and for the sake of your refrigerator and your comfort, you'll want to level your trailer. 

Basic Wheel Chock

Nothin' fancy, but we still use these all the time when we're in a pretty level site, and if you're just starting out, it's a great, cheap pair. 

Lynx Levelers

Like Legos for adults. We have 2 packs of these, and we use them all the time to level the Airstream, under our stabilizer jacks in gravel sites, and under our tongue jack in front. 

Lynx Chocks

These fit onto the lynx levelers so you can make a ramp to back onto or pull onto. Like we said, Legos for adults!


X Chocks

For double axle trailers — if you spend any time wondering if your trailer is going to roll down a hill while you're sleeping, these will put those fears to rest. 

Digital Tire Inflator

Total lifesaver on the road. Set the tire pressure you want, hook it up to your car's 12V outlet, and bam — you're good to go.