Earthships, Adobes and Domes in Taos

One of our favorite pastimes in Taos was picking a random road to drive down and checking out the homes. The architecture here is like nowhere else.  

You'll find Adobes old and new nestled next to domes, circular buildings, and off-grid earthships constructed out of tires and mud tucked into hillsides all over town. Just when you think you’ve seen it all, you turn a corner into a new neighborhood and your jaw drops. 

Add to all that the mountain views and the high desert landscape overflowing with silvery sagebrush and fluffy, golden chamiso with pops of turquoise, lavender and mint green trim and you’ve got a recipe for magic. In fact, it’s so magical that there were a good 24 hours where we schemed about buying an earthship as a part-time home base. 


Two of our favorite drives are Tune Rd. on the North side of town, which will also take you to Manby Hot Springs and Rt. 150 in the South, which will take you to our favorite hiking and mountain biking trailhead in town (blog post coming soon!). 

If you’re visiting Taos without an RV, skip the hotel and rent an AirBnb so you can see one of these amazing homes for yourself. Heck, even if you have your RV, you may want to spend a couple nights in one just for the experience. We have our eye on a couple earthships to stay in next time we’re in town. 

Our Taos AirBnb Picks

We picked out our favorite 15 listings on AirBnb to give you the full Taos experience. Check them out, and if you’re new to the site, you can get $40 credit towards your first stay with this link.

Celena Carr