Sedona: Red dirt & positive ions

Sedona was another one of those spots that was kicking around in our subconscious bucket list. We're not really sure how places get on there, but we hold Sunset partially responsible. Unfortunately, the weather wasn't on our side after Joshua Tree, and snow and freezing temps pushed us to a more southern route through Yuma, Tucson and Bisbee

Lucky for us, one of the best things about the full-time RV lifestyle is flexibility. So after a beautiful and warm-ish couple weeks exploring southern Arizona, we circled our wagons west, backtracking to a beautiful, free camping site in the Coconino National Forest just a few miles outside of Sedona. 

It's obvious why this place is a campers' mecca. Miles upon miles of trails wind through some of the most stunning landscapes you've ever seen. The sun sets the red hills ablaze each night, only to nudge you gently awake a few hours later to bleary-eyed views of hot air balloons floating overhead on a raft of blue. 

While we can't say we felt any chakras opening, we passed our days in a mellow sort of bliss and awe at our surroundings — and maybe that's all people mean when they call this a spiritual place. You pay attention more, startled once again at nature's beauty, the thought of the millions of years that formed these hills, and that particular pulsing of your one, small, lucky life. 

Normally we'd share our favorite campgrounds, hikes and other spots, but there are about a million options and we think this is a place where you should let go and just let adventure find you!

Happy travels,