Decking Our Tiny Halls

We both love nesting and decorating for holidays, but in the last few years before we left Portland I was always too busy and too tired to really get in the spirit. A big part of our motivation for RV’ing was to reclaim our time, so since hitting the road I’ve made it a point to deck our tiny halls and really savor the season. 


Decorating such a small space is easier in some ways than sprucing up a whole house — no need to worry about finding that perfect tree, ‘cuz it’s not gonna fit — but it comes with its own challenges. 

The biggest of those is storage. We need to either be able to get rid of (hopefully without adding to a landfill) or store anything we use for the rest of the year. As you can imagine, storage space is at a premium in a 200 square foot trailer. 

Cost is another challenge. I’m the notorious cheapskate frugal member of our little family and I don’t like spending on anything things we only use once a year. (Hey, freelancing really puts your spending in perspective — every time I buy something now I consider whether it’s worth XX minutes or hours of my life.)

For both of these reasons we take a DIY, reusing & thrifting approach to our holiday decorations. This year’s set up includes a little bit of all three. 


I love to knit and crochet, and sadly our dachshund hates sweaters, so I usually craft up a little holiday storm. Last year it was mini-stockings, this year it was a skein of snowflakes that I hung from our curtain runner with fishing line. (The hanging was actually the hardest part — if I use these again next year I'll turn them into a garland so there are fewer spots that need to be tied!). 

The great thing about knit decorations is they smush down really small for easy storage, and they won’t get broken or damaged during our travels. 

We also grabbed a bunch of evergreen and sagebrush clippings around my mother-in-law’s neighborhood and on hikes and scattered little vases of them all around our dinette, kitchen and bathroom. 



We picked a classic color scheme and then looked for things we already had that worked with it. Rearranging some books, pillows and throws, pulling out our record player and suspending our string lights (we used fishing line again, and concealed the battery pack behind the curtain with a piece of tape) all lend a cheery glow without costing a dime. 



We’ve made it a new tradition to pick up something small wherever we are each year. We spent last Christmas in San Luis Obispo, where we scored our tiny tree. This year in New Mexico, we picked up the vintage Supremes Christmas album for $5. 

So that’s our simple holiday set up! We hope wherever you are, and whatever holidays you’re celebrating, that you’re cozied up with people you love — because that’s what the season’s really about, after all. 

Happy travels & happy holidays, 


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Celena Carr