Next Year

I’m already awake and a little bit cold, but coffee’s at hand and there’s a view of the Sangre de Cristo mountains outside our trailer's wrap-around windows. That warm New Mexico morning sun will hit soon and I’ll have to shed my sweatshirt and beanie (even in November, Taos is hitting t-shirt weather by noon).


I realize on mornings like these how fulfilling life on the road really is. Making the bed, tidying up our tiny house on wheels, and taking a few minutes to finally write in our journal. It’s the simple tasks, and having the time to savor them that really makes me appreciate this lifestyle. 

For the past year, I’ve removed a lot of the so-called “important” things from my needs and wants and swapped them for basic stuff. Our big house, impressive job titles and my expensive sour beer habit have been replaced with enjoying more nature, a good night’s sleep and, okay, the occasional sour beer. 

We’ve been in Taos for almost 6 weeks now, and plan to stay for another few as 2017 comes to a close. We’ve seen so much and travelled so far, but there’s still so much to discover. There've been some surprises throughout our adventures and, honestly, a few times I’ve missed my old life. But those memories are clouded by my nostalgia, which has a tendency to soften the harder times and emphasize the good times. I blame my inner squirrel brain for thinking like this.

So we've started making our travel plans for next year, and I’m ready to pull those tire chocks and make our way forward. Or backward. Or diagonally, loop-de-loop, zig zagging and noodling along our path to see new places, revisit places we loved, catch up with old friends and make some new ones with an open mind and having the time to savor each golden day as it comes. 

Our 'loose' plan for the next year:

Winter: Santa Fe, Albuquerque, Tucson
Spring: Sedona, Zion National Park
Summer: Durango, Colorado's Rockies, more New Mexico

That’s right — we’re sticking to the Southwest and we've only got 4 states planned! After hitting 30 in our first year on the road, we’re really looking forward to slowing our roll. Headed our way, or live in our path? Let us know, we always love meeting up with fellow and aspiring travelers.