Navigating the hard days

We absolutely love what we're doing — but unfortunately that doesn't insulate us from having hard days. Today was one of those.

We left too late from our spot on Wednesday, and didn't think we'd already need to contend with the weekend warriors for reservations at this time of year, so we didn't have a reservation waiting for us. We got to our new park after the office closed feeling tired, dirty, and hungry and pulled into a spot without realizing it would only be open for that night. Since we were expecting to stay, we did a full set up, used every leveling block we own to make the spot work, and unhitched.

With all of our clothes, plus all the towels and sheets needing to be washed, an empty fridge, and grumpy moods from driving too much over the past week while balancing road time with work time, we had really been looking forward to staying put for a few days. Instead, we had to re-hitch, pack everything up and hit the road again. Not the end of the world, but it was about the last thing we wanted to do.

When all we feel like doing (or all we are doing) is complaining, we have a game we play, "Say 3 good things." It's a quick way to refocus, stop feeling sorry for ourselves and focus on the positive. 

So my three good things today are:

1. I have the best husband. He did extra work to set up our hoses so I could take as long a shower as I wanted before we took off without having to haul my stuff to the camp bathroom. For me, everything is better after a long, hot shower. While I cleaned up he packed everything else outside and got us ready to go. 

2. As Oregonians, we have very high standards for friendliness. The rangers at Texas State Parks have been so helpful and so nice. The man on duty this morning showed me 4 or 5 other parks within an hour's drive when we realized there was a hitch in our plans. The ranger at our new park called the people who were supposedly staying in the empty site we wanted, but were nowhere to be seen, to see if we could have it (we could!).

3.  We actually like the new park we're at better — it's quieter, more spacious, and just as beautiful as our last spot. Once we adjusted our attitudes we were happy to be here. 

So here's to the weekend, which we're heading into with gratitude.

Happy travels,