Adventure is out there: Weekend links

Before starting this journey, we were inspired by a lot of others with the courage to live their lives a little differently. It helped us to know that we weren't crazy (or even if we were, at least we were in good company).

We still read and listen to a lot of stories about adventures on and off the road, so we decided to share some of our favorites here once a month. 


I love September. Fall is in the air, even if it's just a fleeting feeling in the morning chill or the golden glow of those earlier sunsets. No matter how old I get, I have that back-to-school feeling and I'm ready to sharpen my pencils and take on new projects. With that in mind, this month's stories are all about adventures and work, which may sound like polar opposites, but as we're finding out in our travels they really can go hand in hand. 


On Paper | She Explores
A conversation with Shelby Stanger, who runs the podcast Wild Ideas Worth Living on why she ditched her "dream" career to become a freelance journalist. 

Side Hustle | Wild Ideas Worth Living
An interview with Chris Guillebeau, author of several books including The $100 StartupThe Art of Nonconformity and the forthcoming Side Hustle. Chris believes that "you don't have to live your life the way others expect," and he's made himself a treasure trove of stories of people proving it. 

Maybe We All Need a Little Less Balance | The New York Times
Brad Stulberg argues against the popular idea of balance in favor of devoting yourself fully to your passions and the things that energize you. 

Work Trips And Road Trips | Monika Kanokova 
A must-read for all the creative ladies out there. Kanokova's guide is packed full of advice and interviews with women freelancing and making room for travel in their lives, whether it's for work or pleasure, part-time or full-time.


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