Adventure is out there: Weekend links

Before starting this journey, we were inspired by a lot of others with the courage to live their lives a little differently. It helped us to know that we weren't crazy (or even if we were, at least we were in good company).

We still read and listen to a lot of stories about adventures on and off the road, so we decided to share some of our favorites here. We may do it once a week, once a month, or just once in awhile. Let us know what you think, and here's to the weekend, wherever you may be! 


On the Ice | 30 for 30 podcast by ESPN
The whole series is great, but we especially dig this episode following the team who made the first all-woman trek to the North Pole 20 years ago. The amazing part is these women had no experience, they just answered a classified ad. The show recounts the trek, which nearly ended in tragedy more than once, but you also get to know the women — why they wanted to take this grueling expedition on, and the deep impact it had on their lives. 

Suffering is optional | Lone Rucksack
We've been following Dani Bradford on her solo motorcycle trip from DC to Patagonia since May. When she got hit by a truck in Honduras, breaking her leg, her plans changed in an instant. We've been touched to read about all the care she received, but also her overwhelmingly grateful and positive attitude about this twist in her story. Adventure's not always planned, and sometimes it's the ones we don't expect at all that teach us the most. 

Minka | Reply All podcast
Bill Thomas wants to change how we spend our final years. At first he did this from inside the nursing home industry, and now he just wants to shut the whole system down. We love how he talks about our basic need for a little chaos, no matter our age or physical limitations. Whether we fulfill this need by introducing 200 parakeets into an assisted living facility, or going for a new hike, it's something that rang so, so true for us.