Remember when...

As 2016 comes to a close, and 2017 ticks in, we've talked a lot about this year and all the unexpected things it brought into our lives. If you'd predicted on New Year's Eve last year that in 12 months we'd have sold all our stuff and moved into an Airstream full time, we'd probably have thought that sounded super cool, but unlikely.

But here we are! In just one quick trip around the sun, saying things like:

Remember when we sold all our stuff, and bought our trailer?

Remember when we tried to fit the rest of our stuff in the trailer, and then realized we had a lot more work to do?

Remember our summer test drive before going full time? 2 countries, 5 states, 3,000 miles, 12 stops, 4 state parks and  1 national park in 30 days, and realizing we were totally ready to do this crazy thing full time?

We're not big believers in New Year's resolutions, and I have a tendency to make especially silly ones (This year's: Better pajamas), but my real hope for 2017 is that we have a lot of adventures to remember come December 31. With that hope comes the intention to leave room for spontaneity and to embrace the current moment. 

What do you want to remember about this year on December 31?

Celena Carr