A Gift Guide for RV Foodies

Shopping for someone with big kitchen dreams and tiny cupboards? This holiday gift guide’s for you. 

9 Gifts Under $50 

The kitchen was always the heart of our home, and things haven’t changed just because our house has  
wheels now. Almost everything in this guide is something we personally own (we note when that's not the case),
that's stood up across more than 30 states and 30,000 miles.

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Joseph Joseph Nesting Bowls
This is one of the few kitchen things we bought specifically for the road, and we adore it. It’s got everything we need for baking on the road. We have the stainless version

Immersion Blender w/ Whisk & Chopping Attachments

This has been a standby in our kitchens whether big and small, and it dishes out everything from Bulletproof coffee to soups and baked goods. 

Mini Spiralizer

This mini model requires a little more arm muscle than a counter top version, but it takes up a fraction of the space. Sometimes a girl just needs her zucchini noodles.


Enamelware Mugs

These won’t break, no matter how much you rattle and roll down the road, and even if you get a few dings along the way, it just adds character. We especially love these two designs.  

Zencooks Utensils

We just upgraded to these tools, and I’m really loving them. They live on our counter all the time, so having a matching set makes a nice display. 

Stainless + Stemless Wine Glasses

These are on our wish list to replace some plastic glasses we're not in love with. Stainless and enamelware are by far our favorites for RV kitchens. Everything plastic we've had is cloudy or cracked!

Salt + Pepper Cellar

Easy to stash when you’re rolling down the road, but pretty enough to sit on the table when you’re not. My brother and sister-in-law gifted us something very similar for our wedding, and we love the idea of one that can hold pepper too. 

Schmancy Sea Salt

Even a box of mac n’ cheese can be fancied up with the right finishing salt, and we'd go so far as to say Maldon on S’mores is life changing. A nice salt makes a great stocking stuffer for any foodie. 

LED Candles

Every chef deserves a candlelight dinner. These little LED numbers fuel ours. They’re rechargeable, and they’re also amazing for boondocking. Bonus: You never have to worry about burning the trailer down.