Busy Campers is the adventures and ramblings of Celena Carr-Thomas and Shoam Thomas as we travel the U.S.A. in our Airstream.

We hit the road in 2016 (check out Our full story for more), and haven’t looked in the rear-view mirror since. Just kidding, moms, we check our mirrors all the time — safety first. We post about living simply, places we love, bites and sips we’ve savored and other tasty tidbits from our life on the road. 

Shoam puts the busy in "Busy Campers," tackling design, photos and silly sayings, and generally always has a project, or five, going. We joke that his spirit animal is the squirrel because he's always doing something, if he could just remember what that was... 

Celena has her own style of busy, it's called "I'll do it after coffee, and not before 9 a.m." She holds the world record for shortest vertical leap, is incapable of tanning in spite of valiant efforts, and does the writing and takes photos for Busy Campers. 

Dulce is still busy at 10 years old
providing security detail for the Airstream. That plastic bag blowing by isn't going to police itself, after all. She's off hours after dark, when she moves on to her second shift as the resident pillow inspector.